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The Green Banana Guide is the biggest and longest established discount system in Tenerife. Designed to save you hundreds of euros in Restaurants, Bars, Night Clubs, Boutiques, on excursions and activities and much much more.

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About us The Green Banana Guide Origin

The Green Banana Guide was established in Tenerife in 2003 as a magazine advertising medium and credit card style discount cards. It soon became the biggest discount system in the Canary Islands. In 2009 over 1.5 million people used Green Banana to help them save time and money on their holiday.

It's success was aided by the assistance of the major tour operators who continue to supply all of their clients with Green Banana Discounts onsite in resort.

With savings of up to 65% The Green Banana Guide has now been updated to a 21st century smartphone App. Free to download in the App store or on Google Play, grab yours now and start saving money.


Testimonials Read what our customers think

  • The Watson family Family of five – two adults and three children - One week self-catering – Las Americas “I was told about Green Banana from a neighbour who went to Tenerife last year and as it was only £14.99, I went online and bought one. It turned out to be the best £14.99 we spent – we got it back on the first night! We come to Tenerife most years, but with a stronger euro and money being a bit tight, we were going to have to take it a bit easy this time. So when we did go out, we looked for places that took the Green Banana to save a bit of money. We never had to look far, the Guide always had somewhere near by. “And you know what it’s like with kids, always wanting ice creams and Cokes, so eating out can be quite expensive. But by sticking to Green Banana restaurants and cafés, we saved €10 – €15 a time. By the end of the week, we must have easily saved well over €200, which is about £200!”
  • Young Couple Party harder with Green Banana Party people – Jay and Emma - Young Couple - Two week Thompson’s – Puerto Colon “Our holiday remit is simple, club it hard at night and sleep it off on the beach all day. We got given the Green Banana Guide by the rep when we arrived and, being our first time on the island, it was really useful in finding good bars and clubs. We used the discount card quite a lot, especially at restaurants and it definitely saved us a fair bit. I also used it to get an extra €20 off a pair of Prada sunglasses for Emm’s birthday, a real result.”
  • George & Joyce Windsor Retired residents Retirees George & Joyce Windsor - Retired Couple - Full-time residents – Fanabe “With the recent credit crunch we’ve been hit by a double whammy; our share dividends have gone down as has the value of our sterling pension against the euro. This has meant that we have had to cut back a bit. My nephew got us a Green Banana Card about six months ago when he stayed with us, and we now use it all the time.” We can use it at our local Spar which stocks loads of our old favourites from home, and it makes quite a difference cost wise. Plus, we always like to go out for Sunday lunch, and the Green Banana Guide has quite a few places that do really good roasts”

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